Connect Your Google Analytics Account
Seamless integration with the click of a button ensures your data stays synchronized with Avatria Convert.
We analyze your Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce data to help generate recommendations for your site.
Generate Avatria Convert Rankings
We use machine learning to understand your customer's shopping patterns and predict the optimal product order to boost conversion.
Our rankings can be generated for any of your category pages, search results or anywhere else you are showing a list of products.
Integrate Rankings Into Your Site
Once integrated, Avatria Convert will account for changes in your customer's behavior and automatically re-prioritize products accordingly to optimize for conversion.
Avatria Convert will continue to learn about your customers and get smarter over time, delivering better results the longer you continue to use it.
Integration Details
Analytics Tagging
Avatria Convert requires your site to be properly set up with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tagging. Tagging your product lists is also recommended to enable accurate ranking recommendations within Avatria Convert.
Importing Data
Avatria Convert seamlessly pulls in your Google Analytics data once you have granted authorization. No modifications are made to your existing analytics data. All of the analysis is done on the data stored within Avatria Convert.
Site Integration
Avatria Convert supports multiple integration methods to load the recommended rankings into your e-commerce or search platform. The data can be incorporated using CSV files, an Excel export, or by using our API.
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