Enhance conversion by improving your existing tools
Replacing software is expensive and time intensive, which is why we built Convert to optimize findability with minimal impact to your codebase.
Improved Relevance
More relevant results without changes to index data or Solr configuration.
Fast Performance
Runs inside your environment for minimal impact on search response times.
Simple Implementation
Low complexity to minimize development requirements.
Future Flexibility
Compatible with advanced search capabilities and future innovation.
Try it free for 30 days and see the difference Convert can make for you.
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  1. Avatria Convert

    Uses customer shopping behavior and other custom data to train machine learning models.

  2. Inference Engine

    Receives Convert models via API, then stores and runs them inside the customer's environment for optimal speed and performance.

  3. Solr Plugin

    Sends Solr query results to the Inference Engine to be ranked, then updates Solr with ranked results.