How Does Avatria Convert Improve Conversion?
You may not realize it yet, but you have a findability problem.
Of users never visit the second page of products
Of traffic is received by products in the top 3 positions
Of users don’t use filter options

That means if your customers aren’t finding what they’re looking for right away, they’re not finding it.

We solve this problem by automatically putting the most relevant products at the top of every page.

How do we know which ones? It’s easy. Convert uses your shopping data and machine learning to predict what customers are most likely to purchase.

Improve Conversion in 3 Easy Steps
Connect Your Google Analytics Account

Seamless integration at the click of a button ensures your data stays synchronized with Avatria Convert.

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Generate Avatria Convert Rankings

Convert's model looks at over 80 metrics, conducting complex calculations to predict which products will drive the most customer purchases.

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Integrate Rankings Into Your Site

Once integrated, Avatria Convert will account for changes in your customers' behavior and automatically re-prioritize your products accordingly.

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The Platform You’ve Been Waiting For
Easy Data Integration

Unlike other conversion optimization software, Convert uses your existing data platform to provide the data it needs to generate its rankings.

Connect Convert with the click of a button and we’ll have ongoing access to all your latest data. That means no time-consuming development project, no annoying importing, no hassle.

Use Tealium, Ensighten, or another analytics platform? Contact us today to learn how we can support your data.
Automatic Site Updates

Convert is built to take things off your plate, not add to it. That’s why site integration is available at the click of a button.

Just choose the lists you want to optimize and set an update schedule, and we'll update your site with our rankings automatically.

If you’d prefer to develop your own custom integration, we also offer an open REST API for easy development.

Use commercetools, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, or another eCommerce platform? Contact us today to learn how we can integrate with your platform.
What Makes Convert Different?
Fast, Easy Implementation
Convert integrates with existing technologies to minimize and simplify development requirements. This allows us to offer an unmatched time to value, with setup possible in minutes, and results in as little as a few days.
Applies to All Product Lists and Customers
Unlike many competitive products, which restrict their impact to carousels, search results, or certain users, Convert’s rankings can be applied across your site. This allows us to make a broader impact, and our results show it.
Built for Your Customers
In addition to being designed for eCommerce by using over 40 industry-specific metrics, Convert’s algorithm is customized for every site. That means that you don’t have to hope that the lessons from an entirely different industry apply to yours.
Leverages Historical Data
Integrating with your existing data platform doesn’t just make Convert easier to set up. It means that all that data you’ve been collecting is valuable on day one. Get high quality results out of the box, and rethink how long it should take you to see a positive ROI.
Brad Rosen | Managing Partner, Sports World Chicago
“Convert and the Avatria team have offered incredible value to our site. Not only did they help us start collecting critical new data, but Convert made an immediate impact on our sales. I'm looking forward to applying Convert to our entire site, and seeing what kind of difference it can make in the months to come.”
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