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Avatria is committed to providing fair and transparent pricing for every customer. Because our costs go up as the amount of data we need to process increases, charging a usage fee allows us to keep Convert affordable for customers of any size.

Because Convert relies on data provided by your analytics platform, our session counts will reflect the values displayed in your analytics platform. Please refer to your platform’s documentation for more information on how a session is defined.

Your data retention limit is the maximum number of months of data Convert will store and use to generate rankings. Typically, the more data Convert has access to, the better the rankings it is able to provide. By default, Convert sets a data retention limit of 12 months, but you can raise this limit if you'd like to improve the performance on your site.

Raising the data retention limit will impact your usage fee, as it will increase your total number of user sessions that determine your usage fee each month.

If you don’t know your average monthly traffic, you can find it in your analytics platform.

A ranking model is the method Convert uses to generate its rankings. There are multiple types of ranking models that can be used by Convert. The first is what we call goal-based models, which allow you to rank products based on a desired customer behavior, such as purchases, clickthrough, time spent on page, or more.

Additionally, Convert supports catalog-based models, which allow you to fine-tune your rankings for individual departments, categories, or lists. These catalog-based models can improve site performance beyond the default goal-based version.

Advanced models, including catalog-based models or those featuring non-standard goals, require additional development. While Convert does offer tools to allow users to build their own advanced models, Convert's data science team is also available to develop custom models, for a fee.

Subscribing to the Pro or Enterprise plans allows users to create and implement an unlimited number of models, which can then be used on different parts of your site, or tested against one another to optimize performance.

Model features are the product metrics and attributes used by a ranking model to determine which products are most likely to be purchased. Subscribing to the Pro or Enterprise plans allows users to import external data, such as in-store sales data or product attributes from a PIM or CMS. This data can then be used as features in your models. Incorporating external data into ranking models may provide insights unavailable from traditional shopping data, and can improve model performance as a result.

Personalized recommendations allow you to improve conversion performance even more by displaying different lists based on the user visiting your site. We use user-specific data to generate these rankings, such as age, gender, location, device, and more to assure that you're showing the most relevant products to every person who visits your site.

Our Standard support tier includes access to our full knowledgebase, which is checked regularly by Avatria support staff.

Pro support offers support via phone or email, with response times based on the severity of the issue. Our response times are as follows:

  • Severity Level 1: 4 business hours
  • Severity Level 2: End of next business day
  • Severity Level 3: 2 business days
  • Severity Level 4: 3 business days

Enterprise support includes email or phone support, with response times based on the severity of the issue. Additionally, Enterprise support offers advanced technical guidance and support for the Convert Relevance Engine and platform plugins to help assure maximum uptime.

For more information on support tiers, severity levels, and response times, please click here.

Nope! Avatria Convert never requires a long-term commitment, so if you're ever unhappy with your service, you can cancel at any time.

We do! Contact our sales team for more information.

Almost nothing, except for ten minutes of your time. Start your free trial by clicking the button above or below, and we'll walk you through the process of setting up your account and connecting it to Google Analytics. Once your data has been synced (which usually takes less than 24 hours), you can start taking advantage of everything Convert has to offer.

No problem! Convert makes it easy to set up multiple sites under a single account, and you only need to pay for a single subscription to do so. Your usage fee will be based on the total number of sessions across sites in your account.

Convert can be integrated with any ecommerce platform, and offers easy-to-use plugins for Magento and Shopify, with more coming soon. If you are on a platform that Convert supports via plugin, integrating Convert rankings into your site can be completed in just a couple of minutes. If your ecommerce platform isn't supported via plugin, please contact us for more information about integration options.

Absolutely not. Convert was designed to work with the tools you have today. Convert has an open API, and we can help you get up and running with the commerce platform and site search platform of your choice.

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